How to prepare for your spray tan appointment:

Timing is everything. If at all possible, book your spray tan no more than 24- 48 hours (1 -2 days) before your special occasion/trip/event. We offer a "rapid tan" that sets and is developed in 1-4 hours,which is awesome for same day wash and wear. Tans last about a week with proper care, and I custom mix the color we decide on upon meeting to ensure a natural, never orange outcome that compliments your skin tone.

the airbrush menu page describes the different solutions we offer. all are equal quality with similar color outcomes and longevity. find your perfect based on personal preference.

the "will I be orange and other FAQs" page should answer any other questions you have :)

A quick list- spray tan prep: 

- Shower, shave, and exfoliate the day prior to your tan. use a loofah or put some salt or sugar in your body wash for grit and scrub. Do NOT use shave gel/cream,baby oil, or Dove products. they will leave a residue on your skin that may block the tan from absorbing.

-shaved right before your appointment? Let me know so I can give you a cold towel to close your pores.

- Schedule all waxing appointments for a day in advance if possible, and definitely prior to your tanning appointment. Waxing will remove your tan.

-Use a baby wipe (provided) to remove deodorant to avoid green tinged armpits ( temporary but annoying).

- Wear dark, loose fitting clothing, flip flops, and a clean strapless bra or top (most tan without a top on, which is your preference, but putting it back on can be tricky if you have straps to deal with, and straps will leave lines. No bra after is best! )

- Hair appointments, manicures, and pedicures should be done prior to your tanning session to avoid scrubbing your tan off.Can't swing it? Ask for a polish change only.

after your tanning session- MAINTENANCE

A quick list:

-  Stay dry for the set period of time as recommended by Shade so your tan can fully develop. if you get wet by accident, pat dry- it will usually not affect the overall outcome if it's a minor drip or spill. don't go outside in the rain.

-  Sleeping in your tan is okay if you follow your aftercare tips(on card you get at end of appt).

- Any bronzer that gets on your sheets or clothes should wash out without worry, but don't wear your best clothes to your appointment. A reliable rule is that if face makeup washes out of it, so should the bronzer. we aren't responsible for any damage to your belongings.

-light car seats?Wear pants or bring a towel to protect from bronzer rub off.

- Don’t panic that you are going to be the same depth of color as the bronzer when you look in the mirror at the end of your set time. You are looking at your now tanned skin with bronzer on top of it.Relax.Rinse.breathe.

- Preserve that top layer of skin! Shower with warm water (not hot) to rinse off the bronzer. Use your hand, not a loofah or washcloth to make sure it's all off.

-  Use recommended body wash (no bar soap, no Dove,Dial,Irish Spring,no Oil of Olay,no neutrogena rain bath ) Ask if your brand works!

-  MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE. Hydrate more by drinking water regularly.

- Shaving will shorten the longevity of your tan but shouldn't immediately strip it. Shave gels and creams, however, will strip your tan and cause streaks. Use hair conditioner to shave while you have a spray tan.

-  DID I mention MOISTURIZE!?!

-  Rinse with fresh water and moisturize after exposure to drying agents like chlorine or salt water.

-  Use an SPF all day everyday - We recommend spray sport sunscreen.